Joining Gesithas Herred

Paul, an axe, and a smile

If you are interested in joining, contact us and arrange to come to a show or training session. If you like what you see, you can join on a trial basis and start to participate in group activities. Initially, we will lend you the kit you need, particularly the more expensive items such as weapons and helmets ( which are compulsory for combat training). Those who wish to be warriors will also need protective gloves, which you should make yourself. We will show you how to make or acquire your own equipment; you will need to get your “soft kit” – basic clothes and shoes – fairly early. Getting started is not expensive and, obviously, is cheaper the more you are able to make for yourself. If you wish to portray a wealthy Saxon or Viking, this can be as costly as you like!
“Gesithas” is Anglo-Saxon for Companions and this group is really about friends enjoying a shared interest together. We’re in this for the fun of it. Because we enjoy what we do, we feel it’s worth a bit of time and effort to do it well as we can and most people find themselves developing the interests and skills they already have, as well as acquiring new ones. After three months, you can decide whether to take out full membership or not, subject to your application being acceptable to the Group.